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#1 Wall Storage Resource In Lansing and Metro Detroit


Installing wall storage is a great way to make extra room in your Lansing or Metro Detroit area garage space when things are starting to get a little messy. When you need a team to help you find and install the perfect wall storage for your unique needs, it's smart to call on The Garage Outfitters. We are the area's most reliable company for garage storage solutions like wall storage, rack shelving, cabinets, and more. We also provide concrete coatings in the Lansing and Metro Detroit area for those who want to transform and upgrade their floor coatings with our durable and beautiful products.

You can put pretty much anything on wall storage, from bikes and ladders to yard tools and sports supplies. It's all about how and where the storage is mounted. With The Garage Outfitters, you have a variety of different wall storage methods to choose from, such as:

  • Hooks
  • Shelves
  • Rails
  • Wall organizers
  • Peg boards
  • And much more

Our team knows just how much stuff you've got in your garage, and we want to give you the perfect solution to your clutter woes. Give us a call when you're ready to talk about your organization ideas with a true industry professional and we'll tell you about the wide variety of wall storage options you have to choose from.

Garage Wall Storage Options

Wall space should never be taken for granted when it comes to cleaning up and organizing your garage. While it's not included in the square footage of the garage itself, it still gives you a bunch of space to utilize! The Garage Outfitters offers all kinds of wall storage to our Lansing customers, just a few of them being:

Slatwalls & rails: This kind of garage storage system is perfect for hanging up shovels, ladders, lawn trimmers, and other larger tools that live in your garage. Customized organization is easy with slatwalls and rails, keeping your things easily accessible but still out of the way, as well as making more floor space for other things that can't be hung up.

Hooks: Hooks of all sizes and shapes can be installed right into the walls of your garage to hold everything from bikes to tennis rackets. We can provide you with the heaviest of duty hooks for whatever you want hung up on the wall.

Wall organizers: Similar to cabinets, wall organizers can hold a variety of smaller items like toolboxes, individual tools, cleaning supplies, and much more. They make all of these things easily accessible while utilizing wall space.

Peg boards: Peg boards are the classic garage storage solution! You can hang all kinds of garage items from hooks and small shelves that can be mounted on peg boards to create an organized, easy to reach wall.

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