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Floor Coatings For Food Processing Facilities In Lansing, Metro Detroit And The Surrounding Areas: A More Hygenic Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

Food processing

Floor coatings for food processing facilities in the Lansing and Metro Detroit areas need to be strong, easy to clean, and non-slip to create safe, sanitary spaces for your employees to work. Choosing to partner with The Garage Outfitters for polyaspartic concrete coatings will guarantee you a floor coating that will give you all of these vital qualities and more. When you have polyaspartic coatings installed on top of your existing floors, they create a smooth, seamless surface that won't give bacteria a place to grow. This will assist your facility in meeting codes and guidelines of sanitation so you can uphold a hygienic workspace. Our professional Lansing and Metro Detroit area concrete coatings also stand strong against all kinds of damage, like cracks, scuffs, abrasions, and stains and fading, too. Your facility will have beautiful floors that will serve you for years to come.

More Hygenic Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

When you want to maintain a sanitary, functional workspace alongside happy, healthy employees, it's essential for your floor coatings for food processing facilities to be non-slip and easy to clean. The concrete coatings we provide here at The Garage Outfitters are an affordable way to beautify, enhance, and protect your facility floors while making sure they are as hygienic as possible. Our floor coating products are much easier to keep clean than epoxy alternatives because they create a surface with no space for moisture to stick or bacteria to multiply. This means you'll have a cleaner place for food to be processed and prepared so consumption will be safer.

Another amazing benefit of polyaspartic concrete coatings is their slip resistance. Did you know that half of the five million annual slip-and-fall injuries that occur in the workplace happen in manufacturing facilities just like yours? Making sure your employees are safe should be at the top of your priority list, and you can achieve that goal by working with The Garage Outfitters for floor coatings for food processing facilities.

When you need a flooring solution that beats all other options, even epoxy, call on our Lansing team to learn more about our concrete coatings. From gym floor coatings to floor coatings for warehouses and showrooms, our products are perfect for commercial spaces of any kind and size.