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If you're ready to declutter the garage of your Lansing or Metro Detroit area home, storage cabinets are a great place to start. Here at The Garage Outfitters, we know just how easy it is to let your garage get out of hand when there isn't proper storage available. You start by putting one thing here and another thing there, and soon, every surface is covered in tools, gardening supplies, toys, and more. Sometimes it can feel like you're drowning in loose items that seemed to never have a place, and we want to help. While we do offer concrete coatings for the Lansing and Metro Detroit areas, our name isn't "The Garage Outfitters" for nothing! We love providing cabinets for homeowners who want organization and order in their garage spaces.

When you partner with us to get cabinets installed in your garage, our team will do it all to ensure you get the best storage solution possible. We'll measure your space down to the last inch so your cabinets fit perfectly where you want them. We can provide you with cabinets that are as big or as small as you need so you can fit everything from boxes of nails to containers of tools inside. Your cabinets don't have to be boring or simple either, because we can customize your cabinets to any color you want! Learn to love your garage again with solutions like cabinets and wall storage from The Garage Outfitters.

Benefits Of Custom Garage Cabinetry

Having cabinets installed in your garage space brings a variety of benefits to your Lansing home, including:

  • Safety: If you have curious children or pets that love running around your home and getting into places and things they shouldn't, garage cabinets can help make your garage a safer space. With a proper set of cabinets, you can keep your kids and pets from getting into power tools, hammers, saws, cleaning supplies, and more.
  • Declutter: The most obvious benefit of garage cabinetry is that it will help you declutter the space. Ensuring everything in your garage has a space to be stored will not only give you peace of mind but will also make things easier to find when you need them most. The average American household can have upwards of 300,000 items in it- make sure some of them have a proper space!
  • Accessible: It's tough to navigate a space that has a bunch of stuff thrown together with no organization. With cabinets, every item in your garage will have a home, making it way easier to access any part of the space when you need it. You might even find yourself feeling more put together, too.
  • More space: If you can barely squeeze your car into the garage, you're not alone. The garage of your home is supposed to keep your car safe from bad weather and even theft, but if you can't fit it inside because of all of the clutter and mess, you could be missing out on those benefits. Putting your things in cabinets will create more room for your car to park.

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