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Polyaspartic Warehouse Floor Coating Is The Impact & Chemical Resistant Alternative To Epoxy


Your Lansing or Grand Rapids area warehouse floor holds heavy equipment, expensive machinery, and all of your hard workers daily, and you need a floor coating that will make it strong and long-lasting. Here at The Garage Outfitters, we can provide you with warehouse floor coatings that will give you exactly what you need in your business- a floor that is safe, easy to clean, and attractive. We've got years of experience installing and applying floor coating products in homes and businesses alike, so you can trust us for your concrete coatings in Lansing. While our coatings create a safer, more sanitary workspace, they are also beautiful! You have a variety of textures and colors to choose from when you work with our team:

  • Clear
  • Flake
  • Quartz
  • Solid
  • And any combination of the four

When you're ready to have warehouse floor coatings that will surely beautify, transform, and protect your floors, call The Garage Outfitters in the Lansing and Grand Rapids area.

Chemical & Impact Resistant Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

When you run a warehouse, having the right kind of flooring solutions in place is vital. Depending on the kind of business you run, your warehouse could hold a wide variety of things, from food and beverages to building supplies and tools. You need something that can meet the daily demands of foot traffic, spills, impact, and more. The Garage Outfitters can install concrete coatings in your warehouse to give you a strong, durable surface that will give the people who work for you as well as your products a floor they can rely on. Our floor coating products are an epoxy alternative that is resistant to fading and yellowing, chips, cracks, chemical spills, and more, making them the best warehouse floor coating for your high-traffic business space.

Perhaps the best thing about our concrete coatings is that cleaning is easy and stress-free! Due to the smooth, monolithic surface that your floor becomes when we apply polyaspartic coating products to your floors, all it takes to clean up is a quick mop. You won't have to spend extra time or money cleaning our warehouse floor coatings like you would with epoxy floors. And with their non-slip additives, our polyaspartic coating will ensure safety even if there is water present after cleaning. It's hard to find another warehouse floor coating that can compete with our concrete coatings at The Garage Outfitters, and we don't just offer our products for warehouses! Our concrete coatings are great for showroom floor coatings, showrooms, kennels, and more.