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Lansing and Metro Detroit Area Outdoor Flooring That's More Durable Than Traditional Epoxy Floor Coatings


When your outdoor flooring in the Lansing or Metro Detroit area could use an upgrade, calling The Garage Outfitters is the smart way to go. We have polyaspartic concrete coatings that will offer your exterior floors the durability and longevity you want for your floor surfaces. Our concrete coatings are used everywhere, from schools and gyms to malls and hotel lobbies, so why not add them to your home?

Many homeowners choose epoxy coatings over polyaspartic ones because they have no idea just how much stronger polyaspartic products actually are. Whether we apply them over your old concrete or even existing tile, our concrete coatings will last much longer than epoxy. They are also resistant to damages like scratches, chips, and cracks, and will never fade or turn yellow in the sun. Work with The Garage Outfitters when you want to transform your outdoor flooring and other surfaces around your home like your garage flooring. We're sure to provide you with Lansing concrete coatings you'll absolutely love.

Exterior Concrete Floor Coating

An essential part of having a protected home is having reliable outdoor flooring. You need a strong, long-lasting floor surface that can endure foot traffic, hold appliances and vehicles, and take on whatever else you have going on outside. The products we use here at The Garage Outfitters can step up to the plate against the daily wear and tear your outdoor flooring goes through with ease. No matter what kind of outdoor space you want a flooring solution for, we can provide one!

  • Sidewalks: It's not uncommon to see sidewalks riddled with cracks, chips, and separation from foot traffic, weather, and more. Sidewalks coated with polyaspartic products will resist these kinds of damages and become a safer walkway for others to use. They'll certainly look more attractive as well.
  • Patios: Installing concrete coatings on your patio floors will give them style alongside a functionality upgrade. Our coatings are also great for poolside porches and patios due to their waterproof and slip-resistant qualities. And, because installation and dry times are quick, you won't have to stop using your patio for long once we're done.
  • Concrete steps: Damaged concrete steps are the perfect place for your loved ones to slip and fall, possibly resulting in injury. Getting your steps coated with our polyaspartic floor products will eliminate this risk with non-slip additives, making your steps safer for use.