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Commercial Floor Coatings To Upgrade Your Lansing or Metro Detroit Area Business Flooring

If you own a business in Lansing that could use some high-quality commercial floor coatings, you need to call an experienced team like The Garage Outfitters. You expect a lot from your commercial floors- durability, resistance to water and damage, and last but not least, beauty. With concrete coatings from our local company, you can get all of those things and much more for your commercial floor coatings. Our Lansing and Metro Detroit area concrete coatings will be able to endure all of the daily wear and tear your floors experience, from heavy foot traffic to constant impact. We are excited to learn more about what you want for your commercial floors, so don't hesitate to give us a call.


Commercial Kitchen Flooring

When you run a commercial kitchen, promoting a safe environment for your employees should be your number one priority. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are waterproof and slip-resistant, making your commercial kitchen floors an investment in safety.

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Kennel Floor Coating

There's a lot that can damage the flooring in a dog kennel, from claws to excrement and more. Our polyaspartic coatings are strong enough to stand up to whatever happens in your dog kennel and look great doing so.

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Locker room

Floor Coatings For Locker Rooms

Bright, clean, and slip-resistant floors are the best kind to have in your locker room. Concrete coatings from The Garage Outfitters will make your floors strong against endless foot traffic while creating a safe surface for your patrons to walk on day in and day out.

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Business Floor Coatings

Functional, attractive business floors will promote success in your business space as well as aesthetic appeal. And, because our polyaspartic coatings are easy to clean, you can put more money towards your business rather than towards cleaning fees.

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Showroom Floor Coating

The products you're exhibiting on your showroom floor will only look more amazing when they're complemented by beautiful concrete coatings like the ones we offer at The Garage Outfitters. You're guaranteed to love the way your commercial floor coatings look and feel!

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Warehouse Floor Coating

It's essential that the workers in your warehouse have a floor that is waterproof, slip-resistant, and strong enough to withstand their thousands of daily steps. Our concrete coatings will keep your warehouse employees safe and add extra style to your space.

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Food processing

Floor Coatings For Food Processing Facilities

When you want a sanitary, long-lasting floor surface that will ensure your food processing employees can safely do their jobs, polyaspartic floor coating products from our Lansing team should be your go-to. They are easy to clean and resistant to stains of all kinds, making them the perfect floor coating for places where food is handled.

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Gym Floor Coating

You want gym floor coatings that are easy to maintain as well as good-looking. Our concrete coatings will provide that and more for your gym floors so your facility can stay strong and safe for use.

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