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3 Benefits That Come With An Organized Garage

Wall storage

Have you ever checked around to make sure who's going to see your garage when you open the door? If so, you're not alone! Garages in homes all over Lansing become spaces that collect toys, garden supplies, sports equipment, tools, and more. And if you're like everyone else, you probably haven't used a lot of these things in a few years. Luckily, the garage storage solutions we offer here at The Garage Outfitters can change the way you use your garage for good. We offer all kinds of storage options from custom cabinets to rack shelving and everything in between. When you implement these into your garage, you'll be able to enjoy some seriously awesome benefits. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits and how they can improve how you use your garage space.

1. Cleaner & More Spacious

Many garages are simply pass-through spaces from your car to your houseā€¦ if you're lucky enough to have room to fit your car in there! An untidy garage doesn't really affect your daily life like a messy house would, but that makes it even easier for you to let the clutter build. No matter how many times you sweep, a messy garage won't ever look clean. Not to mention, the clutter could also attract pests like bugs and mice.

When you've got an organized garage, the entire space looks cleaner and will stay free of bugs and other pests. A well-organized garage is also a more spacious one. Without the stacks of old boxes and items haphazardly tossed in the corners of your garage, there will be much more space for you to move and use the space.

2. Protect Expensive Items

Despite your garage being one of the messiest rooms in your house, it does happen to hold some expensive items. Things like bikes, garden equipment, power tools, and more don't come cheap, and neither does likely the most expensive things your garage holds- your car.

When you've got an organized garage, these expensive things stay protected. There will be more space for your kids to take their bikes and scooters out and they won't end up chipping your car's paint after squeezing past it. Other things like power tools and gardening supplies can be stored safely on wall mounts or in cabinets so they won't fall from a shelf or get lost.

3. Everything Is Easier To Find

We've all been there- you're looking for a flathead screwdriver and you remember seeing it in the garage, but you go out there to find that the space you could have sworn you saw your screwdriver last is empty. How long will it take you to comb through all of the items in your messy garage to find your one screwdriver?

Storage solutions that create a tidier garage make it much easier for you to find the things you need, when you need them. You'll save time you might have spent looking for things and you might even save money on duplicate items you thought you didn't have but were simply hidden in the mess.

Work With The Garage Organization Experts

If all of these benefits sound great to you, you'll be pleased to know that there are many more where that came from when you work with The Garage Outfitters for your garage storage solutions. Yes, we are the concrete coatings experts in Lansing, but we also love helping our customers organize their garages to be easier to use and clutter-free with things like overhead racks, wall storage, and more. Give us a call when you're ready to enjoy the benefits that come with a newly organized garage!