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Kennel Floor Coating Is The Lansing and Metro Detroit Area Durable Alternative To Epoxy Flooring For Kennels


Here at The Garage Outfitters, we know that animal shelters and vet clinics in Lansing, Metro Detroit and the surrounding areas need strong, long-lasting kennel floor coatings. That's why we provide polyaspartic floor coating products to any business that keeps and cares for animals. Our products cater to those who want clean, safe, and protected floors for their animal facilities, and we can ensure they are perfectly applied to give you a beautiful, long-lasting surface.

It takes less than a day to apply our polyaspartic kennel floor coatings, so business doesn't have to be put on hold for too long. Compared to epoxy installation, which can take up to a week to cure, dry, and air out, our concrete coatings in Lansing or Metro Detroit will be ready for use in the blink of an eye. You'll never experience any foul odors or headache-inspiring VOCs with our products. Our concrete coatings also create a seamless floor surface in your kennel or vet clinic that eliminates any nooks and crannies where bacteria could stick and grow. This makes it incredibly easy to clean your floors, even among dirt, animals excrement, food or drink spills, and more. With their non-slip additives, our polyaspartic coatings create a safe space for your employees and animals alike, promoting safety in a space that can often be busy.

If you'd like to experience all of those benefits and more for your animal facility in Lansing, all you have to do is call The Garage Outfitters. We can't wait to give you the high-quality floor coatings you deserve!

Dog Area Epoxy Flooring Alternative

Property owners of all kinds have chosen epoxy floor coatings for decades, whether it was for their garage flooring or their locker rooms. We hope we can show you just how much more you can benefit from our concrete coatings compared to epoxy when it comes to your kennel floor coatings.

Lots people think that epoxy coatings and polyaspartic coatings are one in the same, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are much stronger than epoxy (three times stronger!) and will resist exposure to things like UV rays, stains, chemical or acid spills, claw scratches, and more.You won't have to wait nearly as long for our products to dry as you might with epoxy, meaning you never have to close down early to wait on the floors to cure and dry. The real winner when it comes to our concrete coatings is their non-slip nature, which will provide a safer space for your employees and animals than epoxy.