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First-Class Lansing and Metro Detroit Area Garage Storage Solutions

If your garage is starting to become an overwhelming mess of things that have no place on your Lansing or Metro Detroit area property, we encourage you to look into the garage storage solutions of The Garage Outfitters. As homeowners ourselves, we know just how easy it is to let our garages get out of hand when it comes to clutter. When something doesn't have a place, why not just put it in the garage? But when everything ends up in the garage, that's when things start to get messy. The Garage Outfitters is a passionate team of organization specialists who want every garage in our community to be functional, spacious, and easy to navigate. While we love being the number one provider of Lansing concrete coatings, we are also invested in garage storage solutions that save homeowners time, energy, and money on their garage spaces. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer to Lansing homeowners:



Cabinets are one of the simplest forms of storage and can hold just about anything, from tools, supplies, small containers, and more. We can install as many or as few cabinets as you want in your garage for easy access to your belongings and space-saving solutions.

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Wall storage

Wall Storage

Using wall space for storage is one of the best ways to maximize your storage abilities in the garage. We can install hooks and other hanging solutions so you can keep your things in reach but still out of the way while saving floor space.

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Workbenches are the perfect garage storage solution for those with many kinds of tools and supplies they use more often than not. Your custom workbench can be designed to hold any and all of your tools and equipment while making it easy to find them when you need them.

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Overhead Racks

Taking advantage of ceiling space with overhead racks is a great way to store larger objects or things you don't use regularly. Everything from inner tubes and kayaks to bikes and Christmas decorations can hang on overhead racks to make the most of the space above your head.

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Rack shelving

Rack Shelving

Just like shelves inside your home can hold a variety of items, rack shelving in your garage can do the same. Organizing your shelves by item type and even by size can make your rack shelves an easy-to-navigate storage solution.

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