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4 Garage Storage Ideas


Your garage is home to all kinds of miscellaneous items, but that doesn't mean they can't all have their own place! Putting some strategy into the design of your garage space can help you find a space for everything that has built up in there over the years. Gone are the days of digging through three different bins looking for one specific tool or toy- with garage storage from a professional concrete coatings company like The Garage Outfitters, you have multiple options when it comes to organizing your garage. Keep reading this article to learn about some of our favorite garage storage ideas that will get you on the road to a tidier, more functional garage.

1. Make A Floor Plan

It's easy to get excited about garage storage, but before you get started with anything, it's essential for you to have a plan. Map out your garage, figure out what you use the most, and decide where you're going to put those things for ease of access. It's also smart to put similar things near one another so you're never very far from what you're looking for.

2. Use Ceiling Space

Taking advantage of ceiling space for garage storage is a great way to store items you might not be using every day. Installations like overhead racks are the perfect way for you to utilize the extra space above your head for things like seasonal decorations or children's toys you're saving for the future.

3. Storage Bins On Shelving Units

We all know that plastic totes and bins are perfect for storing anything that will fit in them, but too often, people stack them on the garage floor where they take up space and make it hard to access most of what they're storing. By organizing these containers on durable rack shelving units, they'll be easier to pull out and find what you're looking for without having to take every single one down to access what's inside.

4. Utilize Corners With Shelves

When it comes to garage real estate, the corners of the space are often unused. Why waste precious space because there isn't anything that fits perfectly in the corner? Adding shelves to your corners will create more room for you to put things without using up much more floor space in the process.

When you need help bringing these garage storage ideas to life, the team to count on in Lansing is The Garage Outfitters. We can provide you with all kinds of storage solutions that will turn your cluttered old garage into an organized, easy-to-navigate space in no time. Just give us a call to get started!